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Around six years ago we were doing a extension on our house, because it was an oldish cottage, over 200 years old we wanted to incorporate some stone work in to the building, but as anyone who have taken on a house re-build will know, money disappears very quickly, so in order for us to have stone work in our build, I had to pick off a field of a neighbouring farm, which cost me a fraction of the price of dressed stone.

My biggest problem then was to get someone who was willing to work with this stone, as it was granite, there fore, not the easiest stone to work with, very hard to cut and shape. Luckily for me Aled came to see the stone and what was needed, and to say that we were pleased with his work was an understatement, he has done a fantastic job on the house, and even now we have people asking us who has done the stone work on the house, not only is he a good stone mason, but a very good builder as well, as we had him do different jobs on the property through out the project.

I. Davies


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Aled Mosford built my extension last year and throughout all the discussions and work, his conduct of himself and his team were exemplary as was the quality of his bulding skills.


His care went beyond what one was hoping for. For example, he had a holiday booked when we agreed the contract but on the day before he was due to fly, he not only worked on to late teatime, but shot off to buy his holiday wardrobe only to return back later unexpectedly to ensure that I was happy to work with a temporary sink, water supply, worktop and cooker whilst he was away. He even apologised for going away, clearly concerned that I was going to be able to manage in his absence. I managed just fine thanks to Aled. He is reassuring to have around as no hitch phased him and he simply worked around whatever presented to get to things done.


He was fair in his pricing, taking staged payments as we went along, honest at all times (I simply left the house to them when I went off to work) and would call to check his team’s progress frequently in the early morning or late evening. A thoroughly decent guy in every way,  you would go a long way to find someone else as competent, caring and fairly priced as Aled.


House Extension

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